Job title: Assembly Mechanical Technician
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Electronics
Expertise: Engineering
Salary type: Monthly
Location: Batangas
Job published: 2021-10-13
Job ID: 33985

Job Description


You will:

  • Ensure normal operations of production equipment, improve product quality and reduce production costs
  • Be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all equipment for assembly socket product line
  • Cont Reflow -Quick troubleshooting for CONT separator, stitching machines, ball mounter, Reflow , robots and ICOS equipment
  • SOCKET AM (Automotive Maintenance),PM (Preventive Maintenance) TPM (Total Product Management)/QCO /MTTR (Mean Time Between Failure) /MTBF (Mean Time to Repair)/Digital
  • Implements AM (Autonomous Maintenance), PM (Preventive Maintenance) and overhaul plans for all socket equipment, analyze and improve OEE (Overall Equipmemt Efficiency) through tools such as TPM/QCO/MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) /MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) /Digital
  • Analyze and solve i.e. bad insertion, bad welding, poor warping, etc.
  • Improve product adaptability through equipment adjustment, and improves ability of product yield rates.
  • Do basic adjustment of equipment detection system,such as CCD,ICOS & other software.
  • Implement WI (Work Instruction) to ensure safety, product quality
  • Be responsible for training operators to operating and managing machines



  • College degree or equivalent, machinery or automation-related
  • More than 4 years of relevant work experience, familiar with the production process and equipment of socket products and repair and maintenance experience is preferred
  • Adaptable, team player, values & purpose driven, ethical and advocates growth mindset.


Work Schedule: Shifting

Work Setup: Work on site (PPE and antigen test provided) Monday to Saturday