Job title: Molding Technician
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Electronics
Expertise: Engineering
Salary type: Monthly
Location: Batangas
Job published: 2021-10-13
Job ID: 33986

Job Description


You will:

  • Endeavor to ensure daily operations of injection machine & molds; improves product quality; Executes relative operation standards for injection molding process.
  • Production Improvement:
    • Aims achieve the target for CCR, IRR & production line improvement, Need to analyze the problems of injection molding process during production & to finish the improvement actions plan & expansion horizontal.
  • Mass Production:
    • Ensures production runs smoothly & realizes the production plan on time
    • To realize the plan for the production cycle time reduction
    • To define the record for production process & material usage
    • To analyze the material scrap during production process & execute the relative improvement actions
  • Injection Machine Maintenance:
    • To ensure safety using for injection machines & mold; Reduce the production delay caused by machine failures
    • To realize daily checking for production machines           
    • To adjust the injection molding process when the abnormal occurred during products running.
    • To do FAA adjust for new molds



  • College degree or equivalent
  • 4 years mold maintenance experience
  • Familiar with mold setup, maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Familiar molding process parameter adjusting and optimization and run mass production
  • Adaptable, team player, values & purpose driven, ethical and advocates growth mindset



Work Schedule:  Shifting

Work Setup: Work on site (PPE and antigen test provided) Monday to Saturday