Job title: IT Operations Analyst
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Banking and Financial Services
Expertise: Banking & Finance Information Technology & Telecommunications
Location: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Job published: 2022-01-31
Job ID: 34491

Job Description

You will:

  • Managee the Data Center’s information data in optical and magnetic media formats (onsite/offsite tape vault), manuals and application documentation. Accountable for the security and integrity of the contents of these media.
  • Manage the Data Center’s information data in optical and magnetic media formats (onsite/offsite tape vault), manuals and application documentation.
  • Manage and supervise scheduling processing of job requests, dispatching of printed reports, giving feedback to users in accordance with the service level agreement.
  • Manage the availability of various computer, office supplies and operating efficiency of various environmental devices.
  • Manage accurate and timely processing of credit and debit memos of various client companies.
  • Plan, organize, direct and control the activities of the Unit such as peripheral operations, output management, and data and media control.
  • Coordinate all job request assigned to this unit, receive and implements all updated delivery receipts and keeps all documentation files turnover by this unit.
  • Service all the requests for reports, uploading of input files, processing of job requests and SOA reprinting and other concerns in CM and DM that needed to be resolved ASAP.
  • Coordinate with General Services for gate pass issuance of service providers.
  • Assign and monitor job requests, issuance of supplies and magnetic media needs.
  • Stand witness when requested to testify to court hearings regarding authentication of statements of accounts and other documents generated by ITD.
  • Coordinate for the maintenance of ITD’s tape vault air conditioners, occasional carpentry and electrical work, to ensure electrical and logistical requirements are secured prior to installation of new equipment inside the computer room.
  • Coordinate with the preventive maintenance schedule, prepare the working authority of the vendor’s technical personnel to do the PM, requests for assistance in case of malfunction of the equipment.
  • Coordinate the daily off-siting/on-siting of tapes and other trips for the day, availability of staff car and driver.
  • Coordinate with the contractual lawyer and preparation for the cross-examination.
  • Communicate with the governmental regulatory bodies and institutions, e.g. BSP, BTR, BIR, BOC, SSS, Pag-Ibig, Phil. Health, for all system-related reportorial requirements.
  • Liaise with BSP and external auditors during audit examination


  • You must be a college graduate with a degree in Information Technology and/ or Business Administration.
  • You must have at least 10-year experience in Shift Operations and Production Support and related field and with 5 years supervisory experience.
  • You must be proficient in communication skills both oral and written
  • You must have knowledge and working experience on the following:
    • Linux and Windows operations
    • Email Facility/Internet
    • File transfer Protocols
    • Tape Library Management
    • MS Office Applications
    • Report distribution facility
    • Facilities management
    • Disaster recovery management
  • You must possess working knowledge in the operations of the fire extinguishing system, UPS, PACUs, Microfiche and the automatic door closer/opener and other peripherals.
  • You must have enough knowledge in library management.
  • You must possess analytical skills and knowledgeable in problem analysis, isolation and resolution.
  • You must be very familiar with Credit memo and Debit Memo processing and other, uploaded files.
  • You must have fair knowledge of the PPG’s operations.
  • You must have a good knowledge of BSP, AMLA and other regulatory concerns.